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Pranic Healing:
With pranic healing we help cleanse, heal, balance and open energy chakras. It also allows to cleanse and seal aura, feel rejuvenated, prevent disease, promote longevity and well being. Pranic Healing transmits spiritual healing energy to friends, family, pets and clients that wish to feel balanced.The person receiving pranic Healing will find relief from pain and suffering and in many cases a complete and miraculous healing from difficult health and emotional problems. The healing energy is sent through the etheric body to your health or emotional ailment.
Reiki is the use of vibrational energy from the universe. Healing sessions can effect all areas of ones being, including;  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Reiki is energy work, energy is intelligent and finds its way where it is needed and properly distributed. Reiki is used by a practitioner, who has been attuned by a Reiki teacher or guru. Once attuned a Reiki practitioner can balance and properly distribute energy, which leaves the individual feeling at peace.
Chakra Balancing:
Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel, these are energy centers located at specific points of the body into the human auric field.

Chakra balancing helps to promote health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body, much as a tune up enables a car to operate at peak efficiency.
Chakra balancing helps to create a feeling of contentment. It transforms your mind into a calm and relaxed state, It energizes you with endless inspiration and creativity, it empowers you with control over your actions and makes you a better, lovable ,kind and a more compassionate human being.Once balanced you are able to recognize your life journey and follow it with happiness. Every human being is capable of overcoming virtually any challenge that life can throw at us.
The concept of Chakras plays a key role in the most ancient healing systems of Yoga and Ayurveda.
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