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Ear Candling
An ear candle is made from beeswax and paraffin which is about fourteen (14) inches in length and tapered. The tapered end of the candle is inserted into the ear and the opposite side is lit. Once the candle is lit, it creates smoke which travels down through the candle and down the ear canal creating a swooping effect which lifts and brings up impacted matter. Once the candle has reduced to four (4) inches, the candle is removed from the ear. The therapist will extinguish the flame and cut open the candle in front of you and then examine what matter has been excreted from the ear. Wax, fungus and past residue of infections and moisture are just some of what the ear candle can help clear up. It is also believed that this ancient art helps people who suffer from headaches, sinus, ear infection, hearing challenges and TMJ dysfunction. We use a number of saftey precautions to help protect you with the use of proper eqiupment. protective tray as well as keeping your face and covered.
Threading is an ancient art used in the Middle East and India. Threading is a technique that uses 100% cotton thread to quickly remove facial hair from the eyebrows, upper lip, chin and cheeks. It is believed to be the safest way to remove facial hair. Waxing the face over a prolonged period of time is believed to affect the elasticity of the skin. Constant use of this technique slows down the growth of the hair as it is successfully pulled from the root.
At New Age we use home made wax, the ingredients are sugar or honey and lemon juice. A thin layer of warm wax is applied to the area that needs hair removal, a piece of cotton material is then placed over the wax and hair is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Within minutes the area is clean of hair, this procedure also exfoliates the skin. Cleaning the residue is easy, no chemicals are used. A warm cotton towel, removes any residue that is left after waxing.
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