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Foot Detox
A foot detox treatment is a gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the body by drawing the impurities out of the body through the feet.  As your feet soak in the ionic foot bath, your body will undergo an amazing cleanse of years worth of stored toxins. The foot detox treatment works by osmosis. An ionized nodule is placed in the foot bath which releases ions through the water which in turn stimulates a reaction and your body begins to detox. Your cells are left energized by the ions and are finally able to release the toxins, oils, acids, heavy metals, cellular debris and waste that have accumulated over your lifetime. This treatment also aides in balancing pH levels in your body.
It is an amazing process to watch, as the presence of these cleansed toxins and waste are deposited back into the water around your feet. At the end of your thirty minute treatment the therapist will go over your results with you. As your body is detoxified and cleansed you will experience a sense of relief throughout the body, increased energy, and improved mental clarity. The first appointment will help you realize how toxic your body is, a package of 6 treatments helps you to detoxify your system, by the time the sixth treatment is completed the water color lightens up.
Body Wraps:
At New Age we offer a great variety of body wraps which help detoxify the body through the skin. These wraps can reduce body fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and help reduce inches. Specific wraps can help you achieve the look you want. We offer

  • Yesotherapy/ Slim Plaster for slimming.
  • Amasona/ Coffeetherapy for cellulite.
  • WineSpa/ Winetherapy for anti-aging.
  • SlimSpa/ Cryotherapy for skin firming.

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