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At New Age Massage and Health Center we are interested in giving our client a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. We offer Massages, Skin Care, Colonics, Foot Detox, Ear Candling, Reflexology, Su Jok, Threading and Waxing. A New Addition of P.R. Healing Center, we offer Reiki, Pranic Healing,  Chakra Balancing and Color Therapy. New Age Massage and Health Center has been serving South Florida for 25 years. We offer a wide array of services with prices that won't break the bank. Call us for more information. 
Nasrain Dhanani (Nicky) L.M.T., C.T., F.S. Licensed by State of Florida as Massage Therapist, Colon Therapist and Facial Specialist has dedicated herself to the healing of her clients. She is qualified as an I-ACT Instructor ( International Association of Colon Therapist) She is also a Reiki Master and teacher and can help train Reiki practitioners by attuning her students with the necessary symbols for Reiki 1, Reiki 2, or Reiki 3A and 3B. Having studied Naturopathy at the Naturopathy Hospital in Mumbai, India and being certified by the Hospital Ms Dhanani believes that food is medicine. Proper eating habits and diet can help one aide the body to rid disease from their system. A Pranic Healer Nicky (Nasrain) has completed Yog Vidya Advanced Pranic healing, Yog Vidya Psychotherapy, Yog Vidya Arhatic Yoga. Chakra Balancing with Color Therapy works wonders by cleaning and energizing the etheric and physical body, creating room for a healthy spirit.
Sneha Dhanani- F.S, B.W. Licensed by the State of Florida as a Skin Care Specialist and Body Wrapper. She is very focused on the client needs and what they would like to achieve. Sneha is also in the works of completing studies in Holistic Nutrition and will soon become a Doctor of Natural Health, also having completed a course in Holistic Psychology she plans to introduce many more services here at New Age.
We at New Age have established a great staff, all of whom are able to provide healing and therapeutic treatments; which include Angels Healing, Auricular Therapy, Acupuncture and much more...
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